This style is for advanced wearers only. It is necessary to have become acclimatised to wearing an Hourglass Corset of the desired waist size before attempting to wear a Stem Waisted style. The corset is broadly similar to the Hourglass Corset except that the waist section is elongated into a straight sided cylindrical section. With continuous wear and a series of corsets with the stem section increasing in length, it is possible to increase the length of your stem waist quite considerably. We would advise beginning with a stem length of 1 inches(4cm) and then increasing by to 1 inch(1.25 to 2.5cm) per year.  The corset is supplied in both Underbust and Overbust versions and is supplied with a Back Lacing Protector and 4 pairs of detachable suspenders (known as garters in the U.S.)

Stem Waisted Corset (Overbust also available)

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