The lightweight underbust hourglass corset is a shorter, more lightly boned, version of the standard underbust hourglass corset but is still capable of being tightly laced. (We have customers with these corsets at 17 and 16 Ĺ  (43 and 42cm) waists).  It is intended as an introduction to tightlacing for beginners who donít yet need a fully boned underbust corset. The corset is more flexible and comfortable than a standard underbust corset and as such is also useful to the experienced corset wearer who may on occasion need flexibility, for example when doing household chores, office work or when sleeping.

The corset is available in a more limited range of vertical sizing options than the standard underbust hourglass corset. Please enquire before ordering.

Suspenders (garters) are not available with this corset.

A back-lacing protector is provided.


The Lightweight Underbust Hourglass Corset

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