This style fits closely to the body but then curves inwards over the lower ribs to the waist and then out again over the hips. The effect is to elongate the waist and give a true hourglass shape. The compression starts over the lower ribs, reaches a maximum at the waist and then continues out over the upper hips. This style is recommended for new wearers and gives the maximum tight waisted appearance for a given waist reduction. 4 pairs of detachable suspenders (known as garters in the U.S.) are provided with this style.  A back lacing protector is also supplied.

The hourglass corset is available in both underbust and overbust versions. For first time werarers the underbust version is strongly recommended as the extra restriction of the overbust version can make the process of getting used to a tight lacing corset more difficult.

Underbust Houglass


Overbust Hourglass

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